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Everbuild - 904 Roof Felt Adhesive

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Quick Overview

Roof Felt Adhesive is a cold applied, oxidised bitumen based adhesive used to bond roofing felt to most surfaces. Specifically designed for bonding all types of roofing felt to metal, concrete and timber, sealing felt laps and as a cold gritting solution for bonding mineral chippings.

Everbuild - 904 Roof Felt Adhesive

Additional Information

Product Code eb.904rfa
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Manufacturer Everbuild
Supplier Colour Black
Container Size Multiple
Usage Instructions

In general the felt laying techniques employed should be those detailed in BS 8217:1994. BLACK JACK ROOF FELT ADHESIVE should be brush or mop applied to the surface and left “open” for 15 to 30 minutes (depending upon drying conditions) in order to develop its full tackiness. The felt should be placed into the wet adhesive film carefully, rubbing or rolling each section down to ensure maximum contact with the adhesive and ensuring that all air has been excluded. The felt should then be weighted down until the felt has adhered to the surface. Whenever possible, the felt should be unrolled into the adhesive and rolled home with a lighter roller (approx. 25kg).



  • Laps at the edges should be at least 75mm wide and laps at roll ends should be at least 150mm. Laps and final edges should be liberally treated on their underside with BLACK JACK ROOF FELT ADHESIVE and well compacted.



  • On timber roof structures, the first layer of felt must be nailed down to comply with BS 8217:1994 the second and third layers may be bonded with BLACK JACK ROOF FELT ADHESIVE.



  • As they are often extremely porous, these surfaces will require a priming coat to ensure successful adhesion of BLACK JACK ROOF FELT ADHESIVE. Prime with BLACK JACK BITUMEN AND FLASHING PRIMER. It is essential that the primer has completely dried before the first layer of felt is applied.



  • Twenty four hours after laying, check all bonding to ensure that full adhesion has been obtained. Particularly check all laps if in doubt, press home or roll any felt that appears to be lacking full adhesion.



  • BLACK JACK ROOF FELT ADHESIVE is suitable for use as a gritting solution for roofs with up to a 10° slope. The roof surface should be clean and free from dirt, dust and all loose debris. The surface should be preferably dry although the product may be applied to damp, but not wet or waterlogged surfaces. The compound should be spread evenly direct form the container in convenient areas of 20 square metres at a time. Do not allow the film to form a puddle or become too thin. The Chipping’s should be applied immediately into the wet film. Care should be taken not to over-chip and to ensure that the Chipping’s cover the film shoulder to shoulder. Proceed to the next area. Leave the completed surface dressing for at least 72 hours and then lightly brush off any excess chippings. Do not leave any black film exposed.



  • Tools may be cleaned with paraffin or white spirit. Spillages should be wiped off surfaces before the adhesive has set.
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom