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Manhole Covers, Recessed, Double Seal, Block Paving

Manhole Covers, Recessed, Double Seal, Block Paving

Clay Chimney Pots

Clay Chimney Pots

Fibreglass Plasterers Scrim, Hessian Scrim. Cotton Scrim

Fibreglass Plasterers Scrim, Hessian Scrim. Cotton Scrim

About Build.LSD (Building Supplies Direct)

Building Supplies Direct, known as BSD, supplies building products to the trade and general public.  It has a huge range of steel, iron and plastic manhole covers as well as a complete range of chimney pots in terracotta, buff, black and glazed in colour.  There are various different types of plasterers scrim, including self adhesive and cotton scrim all ready for immediate dispatch.  Read More

Featured Product

  • Recessed Manhole Covers - Double Seal - Galv (British)

    Starting at: From£41.00(Inc Vat)

    The Recessed Double Seal Galvanised Manhole Cover for floor finish Infill is suitable for internal usage with infrequent slow moving traffic up to 10 tonnes. With a 40mm internal recess and a 58mm overal depth, this recessed manhole cover is designed to provide an unobtrusive access that matches the surrounding area. For the external dimensions please add 80mm, for example: the internal dimensions are 300mm x 300mm, and the external dimensions are slightly larger, 380mm x 380mm. With an estimated GLV weight of 10 tonnes and a solid tray base plate and double rubber seal, it makes for excellent concealment of drains.
  • Keylite - Centre Pivot Roof Window - Pine Finish

    Price From: £194.47 Per Item (Inc VAT)
    The Centre Pivot (CP) range is the most commonly specified and versatile of all Keylite Roof Windows. The Keylite CP Roof Window can be installed in any sloping roof with a pitch 15°-19° making it a simple and cost effective way of bringing natural light into your roof space.
  • Plasterers Scrim - Self Adhesive Fibreglass Tape - 1000mm (1m) x 30m

    £46.80 Per Item (Inc VAT) As low as: £40.80
    This self adhesive fibreglass plasterers scrim tape is the modern day alternative to traditional cotton and jute scrim, allowing for a much smoother finish. There are several advantages to using the fibreglass scrim, one being that it is considerably quicker and easier to install. Each roll is individually shrink wrapped to prevent the adhesive from drying out. Durable, flexible and strong, our customers are now using fibreglass scrim for a wide range of uses other than plastering, and the measurements of 1000mm x 30m allow it to be extremely versatile.
  • Plasterers Scrim - Traditional Cotton Scrim - 75mm x 100m

    £7.20 Per Item (Inc VAT) As low as: £6.60
    This traditional cotton plasterers scrim is used for joint reinforcement, and is a flexible gauze utilised to prevent cracking in plasterwork. Measuring 75mm x 100m, it's length ensures versatility for a range of different uses.
  • Chimney Pot - Roll Top (KYM)

    Price From: £60.76 Per Item (Inc VAT)
    The Clay Chimney Roll Top Pot that we offer here at Build LSD is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. The internal dimension for the base is 260mm and the external dimension for the base is 300mm, whereas the internal dimension for the top is 210mm, and the external dimension 275mm. The Clay Chimney Roll Top is available in assorted colours and heights, this clay chimney pot appears profoundly regal on the top of any building.
  • Everbuild - Trowel Mastic

    Starting at: From£5.33(Inc Vat)

    Trowel Mastic is a premium oil based mastic for perimeter pointing around wood and metal window and door frames.